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Even when it seems impossible to overcome debt, we help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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We offer help to those in need of financial relief, to those who are being constantly harassed by collections agencies, and to those who are in fear of losing their car or home.

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    We help you find a long-term solution that allows you to move forward without the burden of debt.

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    Bournakis and Mitchell: A Local Firm Focused on Debt Relief Solutions

    Many clients come to us during the absolute lowest points. Although your finances may seem overwhelming, we want to ensure you that financial troubles can be resolved. Our Northwest Georgia bankruptcy law firm can handle all legal aspects of your case so you can focus on what matters: living life free of the burden of debt.

    Money problems can be solved with savvy, proficiency, and insight, and we want to remind you that pursuing protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code will certainly not equal the end of everything. We recognize that we are all human and hardship can befall any one, so we take a very human approach to client representation. As trusted bankruptcy lawyers, we love what we do and can use our natural talents and skills to help you get back on the right track. Once we have helped you overcome your financial hardship, we know that we have done our job as trusted advocates and counselors.

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    At Bournakis and Mitchell, P.C., we pride ourselves on offering a different type of client experience. We aren’t a traditional, stuffy law firm that churns over cases just to get on to the next one. Since our firm’s founding, we have always been a law firm for the people. We are real attorneys who help real people facing real problems. It may seem simple, but it is an effective way of practicing law.

    We are a small firm with no support staff. What does this mean for you? When you contact our firm, whether via e-mail, phone or text, you will always speak with an attorney who knows about your case, your needs, and your goals. This service sets us apart from our competitors who do not have the luxury of being available to their clients like we do.

    Our professional bankruptcy assistance has helped many men, women, and families take charge of their financial difficulties, giving them hope and peace as well as a plan to help them rise above their financial challenges for the present and the future.

    We proudly handle bankruptcy and other related cases throughout Northwest Georgia.

    Our team is solely devoted to helping you reach a positive outcome that puts you in the best possible position for long-term financial freedom. Call us at 706.291.1300 to get started.

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    We offer a 30-minute confidential consultation to discuss your issues and determine options. Send us an email or call us directly at 706.291.1300 to get started.

      What Sets Bournakis and Mitchell, P.C. Apart?

      • ✓ We are a small, boutique law firm focused on individual attention
      • ✓ All clients receive direct counsel from our attorneys, not assistants
      • ✓ We encourage open and honest communication with our clients
      • ✓ We never lose our ability to be graceful – even through tough adversities
      • ✓ We offer multilingual service for English, Spanish, and Greek speakers
      • ✓ We proudly offer risk-free, no-obligation bankruptcy consultations