Filing for Bankruptcy at Bankruptcy Court Rome, GA

The Bankruptcy Court Rome GA is a court that has jurisdiction to hear and determine bankruptcy cases. It is worth hiring a Georgia bankruptcy lawyer.

How to File for Bankruptcy in Georgia

Being in financial distress can be nerve-wracking. However, filing for bankruptcy might be the solution and the first step to financial liberation.

Bankruptcy is covered by federal law, which means that the procedure in Georgia is almost the same as in other states. You will also need to access the appropriate federal building in your state for your hearing. If you have any questions on how to proceed, you should consult a trusted bankruptcy law firm for legal guidance.


Steps to Take Before Filing for Bankruptcy in Georgia


Below is a checklist that outlines steps to take if you intend to file for bankruptcy

  1. Identify the most appropriate form of bankruptcy for your circumstance: The Bankruptcy Code establishes several forms of bankruptcy, including those under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7. The purpose, as well as the legal implications for each, are quite different. Therefore before filing for bankruptcy, you must choose the appropriate Chapter of the law upon which your bankruptcy petition will be based.
2. Gather necessary documents: Filing for bankruptcy involves a lot of paperwork and documentation. You should get your documents together and in order. These documents are assessed by the bankruptcy judge while considering your claim. They may include the following:

Bank statements that date from the previous six months and up to one year

A copy of your credit report, which will include your list of creditors

Creditor bills (e.g., credit card bills, medical bills)

The last two years of tax returns

Letters from collection agencies or other third-party debtors

3. Complete the bankruptcy forms: You need to fill out certain forms before proceeding with your bankruptcy petition. These forms include those which apply to every state across the nation, which you can find here. You can also find the forms specific to bankruptcy proceedings in the Georgia Northern District here.

4. Set aside your filing fee: The Prescribed fees must be paid when you file for bankruptcy. The amount to be paid depends on the form of bankruptcy you have adopted. You can find the complete schedule of fees for the Northern District of Georgia here.

Suppose you cannot afford the filing fee, especially for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In that case, you might be eligible for a fee waiver. Find out if you meet the requirements here. You could also consult a bankruptcy lawyer for clarification.

5. File your forms with the bankruptcy court: You can proceed to the bankruptcy court and officially file your case once your paperwork is in order.

You may also be required to undergo credit counseling and take a debtor education course.

There may be other requirements or details that you might need to satisfy during the filing process. The easiest way to ensure that you meet all the conditions stipulated by law is to contact a bankruptcy lawyer for detailed and specific legal advice.

Locating the Bankruptcy Courthouse in Georgia

Bankruptcy protection is covered by federal law, and there are bankruptcy courts across the federal judicial districts nationwide.

The state of Georgia has bankruptcy courts in the three judicial districts; the Northern District, the Southern District, and the Middle District.

The middle district has two bankruptcy court locations in Macon and Columbus. You may find the Southern district bankruptcy court locations in Augusta, Brunswick, Dublin, Waycross, Savannah, and Statesboro.

The Northern District has its bankruptcy courthouses in Atlanta, Gainesville, Newnan, and Rome.

Their locations are as follows:

  • Atlanta: The Richard B. Russell Federal Building and United States Courthouse, 75 Ted Turner Drive SW Atlanta, GA 30303. You could also call the court for any information at (404) 215-1000.

  • Gainesville: The Sidney O. Smith Federal Building and United States Courthouse, 121 Spring Street SE, room 120 Gainsville, GA 30501. Contact (678) 450-2700 for more information.

  • Newnan: The Lewis R. Morgan Federal Building and the United States courthouse 18 Greenville Street Newnan, GA 30263. For more information, contact (678) 423-3000.

The Bankruptcy Court in Rome

The Rome division of the bankruptcy court serves the following counties; Bartow, Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, Floyd, Gordon, Murra, Paulding, Polk, Walker, and Whitefield.

The street address for this court is the United States Courthouse, 600 East First Street, Rome, GA 30161. The mailing address is United States Bankruptcy Court, 600 East First Street, room 339 Rome, GA 30161. You can also call (706) 378-4000 for more information. The clerk’s office and public intake counter are located on the third floor, room 339. 

You can find further directions to the Rome court here.

The large size of the Georgia bankruptcy court and its spread across several locations enhances its accessibility, especially for the common person.

How is the Georgia Bankruptcy Court Rated?

It may be difficult to find ratings or reviews about the Georgia bankruptcy court and its processes. However, the Atlanta division has a four-star rating on google. Many visitors have expressed dissatisfaction with the parking situation. But, they have praised the staff’s professionalism as well.

Therefore, if you have an appointment or a court hearing at the court, you should try to arrive early enough. This approach allows you to sort out parking issues or anything else that could lead to lateness.

Why You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Georgia

Legal processes are often riddled with technicalities and complex directives. The procedure for bankruptcy is no exception. Therefore, while you can handle your bankruptcy case yourself, seeking professional help and hiring a bankruptcy attorney is advisable. This way, you are sure to avoid any costly mistakes.

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer will relieve you of so many burdens. A bankruptcy attorney has relevant experience with the system, which increases the chances of success with your case. Your attorney can also offer specific help in the following ways:

Get Protection from Creditor Harassment

Your creditors might start to harass you because of your debt to get their money back. Suppose you have received threatening calls, emails, and messages from your creditors. In that case, your lawyer can apply legal processes to stop them. This would give you peace of mind and time to strategize to secure your financial freedom.

Get Help With Your Paperwork

Failure to fill out the paperwork correctly will lead to complications during your court process. Your attorney can help with that and also help gather the necessary documentation for your application.

Relieve Stress

Getting an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Georgia means that your case is in safe hands, and you can relax. It will save you money in the long run because you will not have to pay money to solve filling and documentation errors. Your attorney will update you on the status of your case every step of the way.

Final Remarks

Getting into debt is not abnormal, especially since the COVID 19 pandemic. However, your behavior and actions after getting into debt will determine your financial outcome.

Filing for bankruptcy may allow you to strategically fulfill your debt obligations. It may even help to protect your individual and business assets.

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